World Wide Song Contest 1


World Wide Song Contest

Edition no.





Warsaw, Poland Poland


October 28, 2011


Ukraine Ukraine, Ani Lorak - "Solntse"

World Wide Song Contest 1, often referred to as WWSC 1, was the 1st edition of World Wide Song Contest. The contest started on October 28 and ended on October 31.

Final result Edit

Place Country Artist Song Points
1 Ukraine Ukraine Ani Lorak "Solntse" 79
2 Australia Australia Lenka "Bring Me Down" 75
3 Poland Poland SheMoans "Supergirl" 68
4 Sweden Sweden Sibel "Stop" 62
5 Russia Russia Slava "Odinochestvo" 61
6 United Kingdom United Kingdom Globus "Orchard Of Mines" 60
7 Ireland Ireland Enya "Only Time" 59
8 Spain Spain D'nash "Un Dos Cuatro" 59
9 Germany Germany Frida Gold "Zeig Mir Wie Du Tanzt" 58
10 Denmark Denmark Burhan G "Can't let u go" 51
11 Canada Canada Avril Lavigne "Wish You Were Here" 33
12 USA United States Deep Blue Something "Breakfast at Tiffany's" 31

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