Tubevision Contest 6


Tubevision Contest

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Ireland Dublin


Final: 18 November, 2011


France France
"Moi... Lolita"


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Tubevision Contest 6, often referred to as TVC 6, was the 6th edition of Tubevision Contest.

About Edit

The edition was held in Dublin, Ireland after Nikki Kavanagh won the 5th edition with the song "Falling". In this edition only Morocco made its debut entry. Last edition's host, Cyprus, withdrew along with nine other countries. However five countries returned. France, the winner, was one of the returning countries. Alizee with her song "Moi... Lolita" managed to win the edition with 113 points, ten points over the second place. Ireland didn't manage to get in the top and it got the 15th place.

Awards Edit

Award Recipient
User Score Greece HopingAngels


Withdrawing countries Returning countries Debuting countries

Returning artistsEdit

Results Edit

Final Edit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 USA United States Skillet "Hero" 16 33
2 United Kingdom United Kingdom Jade Ewen "My Man" 3 90
3 Poland Poland Patricia Kazadi "Go Crazy" 4 70
4 France France Alizee "Moi... Lolita" 1 113
5 South Korea South Korea Meg & Dia "Monster" 12 42
6 Croatia Croatia Marko Perkovic Thompson "Iza Devet Sela" 18 31
7 Norway Norway Alexander Rybak "Europe's Skies" 5 65
8 Philippines Philippines Michael V. "Hindi Ako Bakla" 20 18
9 Slovenia Slovenia Maja Keuc "Zmorem" 2 103
10 Germany Germany Tokio Hotel "World behind my wall" 10 45
11 Netherlands Netherlands BLØF "Beter" 19 22
12 Finland Finland Waldo's People "You Drive Me Crazy" 17 33
13 Sweden Sweden Veronica Maggio "Måndagsbarn" 9 46
14 Malta Malta Jessica Muscat "Down Down Down" 13 40
15 Scotland Scotland 12 Stones "We Are One" 14 39
16 Morocco Morocco Sofia Marikh "Bahib Fik" 11 44
17 Ireland Ireland The Saturdays "All Fired Up" 15 35
18 Spain Spain Monica Naranjo "Amor y Lujo" 8 50
19 Denmark Denmark Celina Ree "Når Du Ror Ved Mig" 7 58
20 Romania Romania Inna "Sun Is Up" 6 65

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