Tube Song Contest (abbreviated TSC), was a fake song contest from Germany which started on July 26, 2011. The user's original Youtube account is called CologneSpottingHD and owns what is believed to be more than hundreds of Youtube accounts. The user used these accounts to comment on his own channel to submit songs and to subscribe to his channel. The final recap of 20 songs was uploaded on the same day as the account was created. The final result was uploaded 2 days later on July 28. The result was proved to be tempered with and the user could not continue. It is the first contest to be caught cheating although several other contests have been suspected of it on many occasions. The proof of Tube Song Contest being the same person as CologneSpottingHD is that the user voted in Ourvision Song Contest and then created Tube Song Contest only a few minutes later. The song submitters to TSC were all subscribers to CologneSpottingHD and most of them had been created on the same date, had the same layout and had similar names. They also spoke in German when submitting entries on TSC's channel.

Other contests involved Edit

  • Onlinevision Song Contest (OSC) created his contest at the same time as TSC. Both of them are from Germany and they communicated in German to each other through channel comments all the time. It is unknown if OSC's manager knew that TSC's manager cheated or not but several of the accounts owned by TSC has been listed on OSC's user score so it's possible that they have been used by OSC as well. Another possibility is that TSC submitted the songs to OSC to help him get started with his contest.
  • Europevision Song Contest (EVSC) created his contest on July 31, only one day after TSC's reputation had been destroyed. The user displayed the same age and location (16 and Germany) as CologneSpottingHD and instantly became listed as another contest on OSC's channel. OSC has always denied that EVSC and TSC were the same persons. It was never proved that EVSC was a fake contest.

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