Through My Window is a song by Bunkface. The song is one of the most successful songs from Malaysia in online song contests.

Performance Edit

Contest Edition Country Final
Karolottivision Song Contest #1 Malaysia Malaysia 8
Magical Music Contest #7 Malaysia Malaysia 13 (SF)
Ourvision Song Contest #3 Malaysia Malaysia 4
Simple Song Contest #5 Malaysia Malaysia 7
World Music Contest #4 Malaysia Malaysia 5
Worldwide Contest #1 Malaysia Malaysia 7

External links Edit

Music Video on Youtube
Learn more at MY Sound's Official website

Malaysia Malaysia in OVSC
2. Ilusi 3. Through My Window 4. Kau Bisu 5. What You Waiting For 6. Hambamu 7. Suasana Hari Raya 8. Jahat

9. Cinta Kosmik 10. Steer This Ship 11. Years From Now 12. Beribu Sesalan 13. Kisah Hati 14. Cantik 15. Kasanova 16. Prom Queen 17. Situasi 18. Sungai Lui 19. Stay 20. Falling in Love 21. Crazy

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