The Song at Cold

Selection for

Sweden Sweden

Selection to

OVSC 14 (Ourvision Song Contest)


November 6, 2011






Eric Saade - "Masquerade"

The Song at Cold was a national selection contest that was held once for the 14th edition of Ourvision Song Contest. It was the first national selection for Sweden to OVSC. The host counted the votes wrong two times before the correct result could be presented. Eric Saade who won the contest with his song "Masquerade" participated with three songs.

Final result Edit

Place Song Points
1 "Masquerade" 75
2 "Hurtful" 62
3 "Wonderchild" 59
4 "Break of Dawn" 58
5 "Coconut Tree" 53
6 "Money for nothing" 49
7 "Välkommen in" 49
8 "The Army"1 46
9 "No one else could" 42
10 "Upgrade" 39
11 "I follow rivers" 36
12 "Suave" 35
13 "Håll om mig" 35

1 The song was already participating in the 13th edition of OVSC but had been submitted to The Song at Cold before the entries in OVSC #13 had been published.

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