Sose Me (Lights On) is a song by Ivi Adamou. It won the 4th edition of Tubevision Contest. It was given the Jury Award by Ourvision Song Contest in their 10th edition. The song was sent to OVSC after winning CY Vision, a national selection for Cyprus by DimitrisLoveIvi.

Performance Edit

Contest Edition Country Final
Ourvision Song Contest #10 Cyprus Cyprus 9
Tubevision Contest #4 Cyprus Cyprus 1
The Best of TVC #1 Cyprus Cyprus 8

External links Edit

Music Video on Youtube

Cyprus Cyprus in OVSC
2. Hey You 3. Tables are Turning 4. San Erthi I Mera 5. The Queen 6. Never 7. Tis Agapis Ta Thimata
8. Crashing Down 9. To Kalokairi Mou 10. Sose Me 13. Voltes St' Asteria 14. Mazi
16. Remembering The Summer Nights 17. I Don't Wanna Dance 19. Call The Police 25. Love's Like Breathing
TVC winners
1. Estonia Grammofon 2. USA Rain Over Me 3. Sweden Hearts in the Air 4. Cyprus Sose Me 5. Ireland Falling 6. France Moi... Lolita
7. Belgium C'est la musique 8. Cyprus Remembering The Summer Nights 9. Romania Marionette 10. United Kingdom This Is The Life
11. Sweden Spread a little light 12. Lebanon Break of Dawn 13. Sweden Het 14. Bulgaria Love Is Alive 15. Estonia NYC Taxi
16. Finland Blessed With Love 17. United Kingdom Call My Name 18. Denmark Sleepless 19. Thailand Cinderella 20. Malta Sunrise
21. Slovenia Čas Za Nas 22. Malta If I Could Do It All Again 23. Philippines Up Up and Away 24. Ecuador Your Body
25. Denmark Gider Dig Ikke Mer 26. Tunisia Avec Toi 27. South Korea I'll Show You
Cyprus Cyprus in TVC
1. Never 2. Everybody Dance Now 3. Ta Genethlia Mou 4. Sose Me 5. Hey You 8. Remembering The Summer Nights
11. Mono Mprosta 12. San To Fyllo Ston Aera 14. You Don't Belong Here 16. Otan Hamilonoume To Fos
17. The Queen 19. All The Time 20. To Mistiko Mou Na Vreis 21. Pio Psila 22. Mistiko Mou
DimitrisLoveIvi's OVSC entries
5. The Queen 6. Never 7. Tis Agapis Ta Thimata 8. Crashing Down 9. To Kalokairi Mou 10. Sose Me 11. What the Hell 12. Glass House 13. Pyromania 14. Ise 15. Stop 16. Remembering The Summer Nights 17. Mr. Perfect
18. Mr. Know It All 19. Call The Police 20. Valerie 21. Måndagsbarn 22. Manboy 23. I'm in Love 24. I Follow Rivers
25. Love's Like Breathing 26. Jar of Hearts 27. Stop Calling 28. Why Am I Crying 29. Electric Shock 30. Amarula Tree

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