Simple Song Contest 2


Simple Song Contest

Edition no.





Tallinn , Estonia Estonia


12th August 2011


Israel Israel, Chen Aharoni - "Or"

Simple Song Contest 2, often referred to as SSC 2, was the 2nd edition of Simple Song Contest.It was the 1st edition where users submited their own songs.The logo was Feel the Fun of Music.

Infromation Edit

The 2nd edition was held in Tallinn and had 16 participants . This was the first time when users could submit their own song.The voting period was 4 days long,and the 16 participants had plenty of time to vote.The winner had the most 12 points and almost all the countries voted for it.1 non-participant voted.The winner was Israel and Chen Aharoni with his song Or , with a total amount of 142 points.The 1st place is the best result for Israel so far.

Participants Edit

The participants were 16 this time.In the 1st edition were 22 participants. Here you can find a list with the withdrawind/debuting countries.There were no returning countries as it was only the second edition.

Withdrawing countries Returning countries Debuting countries

No returning countries

Users Edit

10 active users of SSC debuted in this edition.

Medals Edit

Although the medals were not introduced in the 2nd edition of Simple Song Contest , we can count and the preview editions, but the medals are not really counting till the 16th edition.

Medal Recipient
Gold Israel Israel
Silver Spain Spain
Bronze Cyprus Cyprus

Results Edit

Place Country Artist Song Points
1 Israel Israel Chen Aharoni "Or" 142
2 Spain Spain David Bisbal "Oyel Boom" 96
3 Cyprus Cyprus Ivi Adamou "Crashing Down" 92
4 Moldova Moldova Sunstroke Project "Believe" 84
5 United Kingdom United Kingdom Amy Whinehouse "Rehab" 84
6 Finland Finland Nightwish "The Poet & The Pendulum" 81
7 Greece Greece Antigoni Psyxrami "It's All Greek to Me" 72
8 USA United States Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" 68
9 France France Les Zoomo "Zoomer" 57
10 Romania Romania Alexandra Stan "Get Back" 54
11 South Africa South Africa Lira "Soul In Mind" 50
12 Slovenia Slovenia Magnifico "Ubicu Te" 29
13 Germany Germany Lena Meyer Landurt "Mr.Curiosity" 26
14 Serbia Serbia MC Stojan feat.Anabela Djogani "DJ Pumpaj" 23
15 Belgium Belgium Ian Thomas "Kiss Kiss" 16
16 Portugal Portugal The Gift "RGB" 12

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