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Paulina is a user from Sweden Sweden. She used to host Ourvision Song Contest from 2011 to 2013. In 2015 she started a new version of the contest called Ourvision Song Contest Classic.

Results Edit

Edition Country Artist Song Result
Celebration Song Contest 1
#1 Italy Italy Marco Mengoni "Guerriero" DNQ
South Korea South Korea Davichi "Don't Move" 16
#2 Italy Italy Emma Marrone "Dimentico tutto" 24
South Korea South Korea Davichi "The Letter" 22
#3 Italy Italy Arisa "Controvento" TBA
South Korea South Korea Areum, Shannon & Gunji "Day and Night" TBA
Dependent Territories Song Contest 2
#8 Italy Italy Marco Mengoni "Guerriero" 8
#9 Italy Italy Annalisa "Diamante lei e luce lui" TBA
#10 Italy Italy Arisa "Controvento" TBA
Euro Music Contest 1
#1 Finland Finland Jenni Vartiainen "Missä muruseni on" TBA
Italy Italy Arisa "Controvento" TBA
Ezfalti-Nordican Song Contest 3
#1 Fort Neverstill Alizée Les collines (Never Leave You) 7
#2 Fort Neverstill Shannon Williams "Why Why" TBA
Fantasy Eurovision
#1 France France Maître Gims "Est-ce que tu m'aimes?" TBA
Festival of International Music
#4 Italy Italy Modà "La notte" DNQ
Intercontinental Music Festival
#27 Ireland Ireland The Script "Man on a Wire" 2
#28 Ireland Ireland The Corrs "Summer Sunshine" 18
#29 Canada Canada Natasha St-Pier "Un ange frappe à ma porte" 11
Lyrical Song Contest 3
#28 Fort Neverstill Alizée "A cause de l'automne" TBA
Record Song Contest
#2 Italy Italy Marco Mengoni "Guerriero" TBA
Supervision Song Contest
#13 Albania Albania TBA TBA TBA
Universal Music Festival
#3 Finland Finland Jenni Vartiainen "En haluu kuolla tänä yönä" 10
#4 Italy Italy Modà "La notte" TBA
Virtual Eurovision Song Contest
#1 Finland Finland Jenni Vartiainen "En haluu kuolla tänä yönä" TBA
Your European Music Contest
#4 Kosovo Kosovo Argjentina Ramosaj "Shpirt i mbytur" TBA

1 - Allowed two countries in each edition.
2 - As the Italian region Südtirol.
3 - As an imaginary country.

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