Paranoiak is a song by Sarah Riani. It received the Hit Award from the jury of Ourvision Song Contest after participating in their 11th edition.

Performance Edit

Contest Edition Country Final
Ourvision Song Contest #11 France France 3
Simple Song Contest #16 France France 3
Tubevision Contest #25 France France 4
Worldvision Song Contest #11 Monaco Monaco 16
Worldvision Song Contest #40 Monaco Monaco 4

External links Edit

Listen on Youtube

France France in TVC
1. Fifty-Sixty 2. Je Veux 3. Les Passants 4. Lilly Town 6. Moi... Lolita 9. Oblivion 12. Titanium 14. Trash 19. Positif
21. J'Croque La Vie 23. Mon Meilleur Amour 25. Paranoiak 26. Run Boy Run

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