Ola Einai Mousiki

Selection for

Greece Greece

Selection to

OVSC 15 (Ourvision Song Contest)


November 10, 2011






Eleni Foureira - "Ase Me"

Ola Einai Mousiki was a national selection contest that was held once for the 15th edition of Ourvision Song Contest. It was the second single national selection for Greece to OVSC after Greece OVSC11. The Final result was revealed on November 24, two weeks after the selection had started.

Final result Edit

Place Song Points
1 "Ase Me" 74
2 "The Time Is Now" 62
3 "The Game Of Love" 59
4 "Heroes" 57
5 "An Isoun Agapi" 52
6 "Fabulous" 51
7 "Oh No!" 44
8 "Gia Proti Fora" 42
9 "Please Don't Break My Heart" 40
10 "This Love Is Killing Me" 34
11 "Treat Me Like A Lady" 31
12 "Follow Me" 23
13 "In Your Eyes" 21
14 "Parafora" 20
15 "Na Zisi I Na Pethano" 13
16 "To Poli Poli" 10
17 "Aformes" 5

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