Nanna Øland Fabricius (born 2 May 1985), better known by her stage name Oh Land, is a Danish singer-songwriter and record producer.

Oh Land

Our Vision Song Contest Edit

Oh Land has won the Danish Music Contest twice and also participated in it six times. She won with "White Nights" and "Sun of a Gun". The latter is also the only song she has entered DMC with two times.

With her first entry in OVSC "White Nights", she managed to take third place in first Semi-Final with 166 points. She qualified to the final, where she ended up in 9th place with 120 points. Additionally, she won the Jury Award with this song.

With her second entry in OVSC "Sun of a Gun", she managed to take second place in first Semi-Final with 161 points. She qualified to the final, where she ended up in 4th place with 132 points.

Songs Edit

All songs are from the 2011 album: "Oh Land"

Eligible to participate for

More info Edit

For more information about Oh Land, go to the official wikipedia link:

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