My Man is a song by Jade Ewen. The song won the 9th edition of Ourvision Song Contest for United Kingdom.

Performance Edit

Contest Edition Country Final
Ourvision Song Contest #9 United Kingdom United Kingdom 1
Tubevision Contest #6 United Kingdom United Kingdom 3
The Best of TVC #1 United Kingdom United Kingdom 4

External links Edit

Music Video on Youtube

OVSC winners
1. Ireland Only Time 2. Estonia Valged Ööd 3. Germany Evacuate the Dancefloor 4. Sweden Hearts in the Air 5. Netherlands Angels
6. Azerbaijan March On 7. Italy Born This Way 8. Greece This Is The Time 9. United Kingdom My Man10. New Zealand Something in the Water
11. Canada What the Hell 12. Philippines Pyramid 13. United Kingdom Fight for This Love 14. Denmark Superstar 15. France Intouchable
16. Cyprus Remembering The Summer Nights 17. Sweden Spread a little light 18. Poland Joli Garcon 19. Switzerland Joker
20. South Korea Cry Cry 21. Ireland Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) 22. France Too Little Too Late 23. USA Fireflies
24. Spain Nada es comparable a ti 25. Norway Best Kept Secret 26. USA Jar of Hearts 27. Finland Vanha nainen hunningolla
28. Latvia Es Gribu Vel Milet 29. New Zealand Unwritten
United Kingdom United Kingdom in OVSC
2. Wannabe 3. Bring It All Back 4. Push the Button 5. Never Gonna Give You Up 6. Price Tag 7. Beat of My Drum

8. Nymphetamine 9. My Man 10. Pack Up 11. Hollywood 12. Orchard Of Mines 13. Fight for This Love 14. Stay the Night 15. Viva la Vida 17. Feel 18. Mr. Know It All 19. One Truth 20. You've Got the Love 21. Everytime We Touch 22. The Boy Does Nothing 23. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)

United Kingdom United Kingdom in TVC
2. Promise This 3. Price Tag 4. Guns And Horses 5. Set Fire To The Rain 6. My Man 7. Ruby 9. It's Amazing
10. This Is The Life 11. The Boy Who Murdered Love 12. Narvas 13. Want U Back 14. Sunday 15. Laserlight
16. Like The Sun 17. Call My Name 18. Wings 19. Home Run 20. Proud 21. Warwick Avenue 22. Rehab
23. The Boy Does Nothing 24. Pack Up 25. Candy 26. Turn Your Car Around 27. Dancing in the Moonlight

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