Enjoy The Music from Poland

Selection for

Poland Poland

Selection to

OVSC 14 (Ourvision Song Contest)


November 12, 2011






Kesha - "Tik Tok"

Enjoy The Music from Poland was a national selection contest that was held once for the 14th edition of Ourvision Song Contest. It was the first national selection for Poland to OVSC. The special thing about this contest was that 7 different artists competed with 2 of their songs, making it 14 songs total.

Final result Edit

Place Song Points
1 "Tik Tok" 73
2 "Live" 69
3 "How About That?" 68
4 "Bez Lez" 67
5 "Czern i Biel" 63
6 "Nowe Szanse" 58
7 "Big Bang" 57
8 "Friday is Forever" 55
9 "Dyskoteka Gra" 54
10 "Krzyzowka Dnia" 51
11 "Wiej-Ska" 46
12 "Monster High" 33
13 "W Pieciu Smakach" 31
14 "Blow" 29

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