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Danish Music Contest
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Denmark Denmark

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Ourvision Song Contest


September 16, 2011


Denmark Denmark








Danish Music Contest, often abbreviated DMC, is a national selection contest for Ourvision Song Contest. It was started by HvdstrcbCBr for the 10th edition of the contest. It is the longest running national selection with 19 completing editions for now, a 20th edition is upcoming.

With 18 completing winners of this national selection, one of the winning entries managed to reach 1st place in OVSC. It is the first time a national selection won an edition in OVSC. Another winning entry from DMC became the Song of The Decade.

Danish Music Contest was the second national selection to give OVSC user score. The contest have different logos for every new edition. The contest has been held for every edition of OVSC since it started except for the 16th edition, 18th edition and 27th edition. (No national selections were allowed for the middle example).

History Edit

Youtube account disabled Edit

On November 12, 2011, HvdstrcbCBr had his Youtube account disabled for copyright infringement. When he uploaded the recap video for the 6th edition the video got blocked. He shortened the duration of each song in the video from 25 seconds to 20 seconds and uploaded the video again. This time not only his video got blocked, his account got blocked as well. HvdstrcbCBr announced that he would stop hosting the Danish national selections to OVSC "for now".

December Revival Edit

HvdstrcbCBr (Now HvdstrCBfr) has opened DMC again after nearly a month break. He is ready to take a chance to serve up more edition of Danish Music Contest with new rules. The new rules are there for securing the contest for copyrights, so HvdstrcbCBr can make it without any troubles.

Editions Edit

Edition For Artist Winning song Place Point
-1 DMC 1 OVSC 10 The Asteroids Galaxy Tour "The Golden Age" 4 156
-2 DMC 2 OVSC 11 Fallulah "I Lay My Head" 11 112
DMC3 DMC 3 OVSC 12 Oh Land "White Nights" 9 120
DMC4 DMC 4 OVSC 13 Oh Land "Sun of a Gun" 4 132
DMC5 DMC 5 OVSC 14 Christine Milton "Superstar" 1 179
-6 DMC 6 OVSC 15 Bryan Rice "Breathing" 10 97
DMC7 DMC 7 OVSC 17 Fallulah "Out of It" 7 119
-8 DMC 8 OVSC 19 Aura Dione "Geronimo" 2 187
-9 DMC 9 OVSC 20 Anna Faroe "Walking on Fire" 6 154
-10 DMC 10 OVSC 21 Karen Viuff "Universe" 2 161
-11 DMC 11 OVSC 22 A Friend In London "Calling A Friend" 7 110
-12 DMC 12 OVSC 23 Aura Dione "I Will Love You Monday (365)" 2 178
-13 DMC 13 OVSC 24 Ditte Marie "Overflow" 8 89
-14 DMC 14 OVSC 25 Anne Noa "Sleepless" 11 135
-15 DMC 15 OVSC 26 Bryan Rice "Homeless Heart" 6 110
-16 DMC 16 OVSC 28 Lukas Graham "Drunk in the Morning" 11 96
-17 DMC 17 OVSC 29 Aura Dione "Song For Sophie" 5 118
-18 DMC 18 OVSC 30 Medina "For Altid" 2 189
-19 DMC 19 OVSC 32 Celina Ree "Kortslutning" 2 139
-20 DMC 20 OVSC 33 Simone "Stay Awake" TBA TBA

Special editions Edit

Main article: DMC, Song of the Decade

Danish Music Contest has hosted two editions of Denmark's Song of the Decade for Ourvision Song Contest. The song "White Nights" by Oh Land became the first Danish Song of the Decade. Geronimo" by Aura Dione won in the second Danish Song of the Decade.

Awards Edit

See also Edit

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