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Intercontinental Music FestivalEdit

Edition Artist Song Final Points SemiFinal Points
#19 Eduardo Aguirre "Muero" 03 110
no semi-finals
#20 María José Castillo "Donde Van" 19 26
#21 Dev "Parade" 12 56
#22 Debi Nova "Drummer Boy" 06 88
#23 Mario Maisonnave "Demasiado Bueno" 20 22
#24 Percance feat. Jorge Serrano "Como Saber" 25 06
#25 Dev feat. Fabolous "Kiss My Lips" 23 22 06 84
#26 Gonín & Los Ajenos "Playa Montaña Y Sol" X X 14 26
#27 Debi Nova feat. Ce'Cile "Cupido" 24 20 10 72
#28 424 "Gala" X X 12 54
#29 El Parque "Estaré Muy Bien" X X 15 20

Magical Music ContestEdit

Costa Rica debuted in the 8th edition of Magical Music Contest.

MMC Artist Song Final Semi
#8 Debi Nova "Drummer Boy" 14 2

Ourvision Song Contest Edit

Main article: Costa Rica in Ourvision Song Contest

The Western Island FestivalEdit

Edition Artist Song Place Points
#06 Percance feat. Jorge Serrano "Como Saber" 08 50

The World Music ContestEdit

Costa Rica Costa Rica debuted in TWMC#6 edition of the The World Music Contest and withdrew with a disqualification in TWMC#10 because the player did not send his votes for the final after a second exit in a row in the semi-finals.

Best result was the bronze medal in TWMC#7.

Edition Artist Song Place Points Semi Points
#6 Percance ft. VM Latino Gira El Mundo - - 11 36
#7 Snow Patrol Called Out In The Dark 3 120 7 69
#8 Fun Some Nights 10 109 6 65
#9 Meredith Brooks Bitch - - 7 55
#10 Maroon 5 Payphone - - DSQ DSQ

Tubevision Contest Edit

Costa Rica debuted in the 10th edition of Tubevision Contest. Their best result to date is when they got the 12th place in the 10th edition with Dev and the song "In The Dark".

OVSC Artist Song Final Semi
#10 Dev "In The Dark" 12
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