Beste Valget 4


Beste Valget

Edition no.


Selection for

Norway Norway

Selection to

OVSC 15 (Ourvision Song Contest)




Oslo, Norway Norway


November 15, 2011


Marit Larsen - "Coming Home"

Beste Valget 4 was the 4th edition of Beste Valget, a national selection for Ourvision Song Contest. It was won by Marit Larsen which thereby would come to represent Norway for the second time in OVSC. She had previously been user submitted to the 8th edition with her song "If a Song Could Get Me You" and finished runner-up to winners Greece.

Final result Edit

Place Song Points
1 "Coming Home" 79
2 "All This Time" 76
3 "Oah!" 68
4 "Radio" 57
5 "Best Kept Secret" 49
6 "My Mamma Said" 47
7 "You're Like A Melody" 46
8 "Dominoes" 39
9 "Some People" 39
10 "Butterflies" 37
11 "Allergic" 29
12 "My City" 28
13 "Kontroll Pa Kontinentet" 24
14 "I'm The One" 21
Beste Valget editions
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