Beste Valget 3


Beste Valget

Edition no.


Selection for

Norway Norway

Selection to

OVSC 14 (Ourvision Song Contest)




Oslo, Norway Norway


November 5, 2011


Alexander Rybak - "Europe's Skies"

Beste Valget 3 was the 3rd edition of Beste Valget, a national selection for Ourvision Song Contest. The voting window was only open for 2 days between November 5 and November 7 even though the rules stated that it had to be open for a minimum period of 3 days. The winning entry was still accepted by OVSC management to compete in the 14th edition of OVSC for Norway. The host was only warned and did not receive any punishment for breaking the rules.

Final result Edit

Place Song Points
1 "Europe's Skies" 88
2 "Take On Me" 69
3 "Dance In The Rain" 67
4 "Ambitions" 65
5 "Var Beste Dag" 47
6 "Good With The Bad" 45
7 "Never Easy" 42
8 "Cold Words" 39
9 "What Man Have Done" 39
10 "Bordet" 37
11 "Gonna Get You Someday" 36
12 "Danse Mot Var" 32
13 "Chewing Gum" 32
Beste Valget editions
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