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Beste Valget 1


Beste Valget

Edition no.


Selection for

Norway Norway

Selection to

OVSC 12 (Ourvision Song Contest)




Oslo, Norway Norway


October 9, 2011


Timoteij feat. Alexander Rybak - "Vända med vinden"

Beste Valget 1 was the 1st edition of Beste Valget, a national selection for Ourvision Song Contest. The winnig song eventually placed 2nd in the final of OVSC 12 and was originally submitted by MrMystery2123.

Final result Edit

Place Song Points
1 "Vända med vinden" 81
2 "Europe's Skies" 61
3 "Don't Save Me" 59
4 "Gone With The Wind" 59
5 "Hakuna Matata" 56
6 "Barbie Girl" 52
7 "Lookie Lookie" 51
8 "Caught In The Middle" 48
9 "Kjaerlighet Er Mer Enn Forelskelse" 40
10 "Jaywalking" 38
11 "Everything You Do" 32
12 "Gonna Get You Someday" 32
13 "Fire Below" 29
Beste Valget editions
Beste Valget 1 - Beste Valget 2 - Beste Valget 3 - Beste Valget 4 - Beste Valget 5

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