AlbanianFM, also known as iloveyouxGagax, escAlbania1 or vloraanoraa, is a user from Kosovo.

Ourvision Song Contest Edit

iloveyouxGagaxxx debuted in the 3rd edition of Ourvision Song Contest. He caused his first 15 entries to get a couple of more points than they really should have got. The user was unbanned for the 17th edition because he was the only user who had confessed to cheating in the first place.

OVSC Country Place
#3 Albania Albania 5
#4 Sweden Sweden 1
#4 Albania Albania 11 (SF)
#5 Montenegro Montenegro 8
#5 Albania Albania 6
#7 Albania Albania 12
#7 Kosovo Kosovo 10
#8 Kosovo Kosovo 10 (SF)
#9 Albania Albania 9 (SF)
#9 Kosovo Kosovo 12 (SF)
#9 Romania Romania 15 (SF)
#10 Albania Albania 10 (SF)
#10 Kosovo Kosovo 13
#11 Kosovo Kosovo 16
#11 Albania Albania 16 (SF)

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